You are what you read – the best SEO articles from the past week (18-24 May)

Google finally pushed the button on its much-rumoured Penguin update this week – which has pretty much dominated my reading. As with all publicised algo changes, we get the announcement that it happened followed by a load of blog posts about what it means and how it will ‘change SEO’ etc… etc… before some actual, solid data on winners and losers starts to filter through.

So here’s the pick of the posts from each of those stages:

The news breaks!
It would be a bit remiss of me not to start off with Matt Cutts’ original announcement on the Pengiun 2.0 update on Wednesday evening:

As the SEO community went into collective panic about WHAT IT ALL MEANS, a lot of rushed opinions began to surface. The best reading to be had at this stage predictably came from Branded3, with Tim Grice providing some calm and considered early thoughts:

Adam Stetzer also published a good breakdown on Search Engine Watch, not just about Penguin but how link building in 2013 should evolve to take into account Google’s ongoing war on spam:

Winners and losers
There’s only been two days since Penguin 2.0 ‘hit’, so actual data on its effects is still a bit hazy. Searchmetrics have managed to pull out some good early data though, with founder Marcus Tober summing it all up with what I thought was an interesting quote:

It’s not the update I was expecting. I thought that this Google Penguin update would have had a bigger impact similar to Panda 1. But that didn’t happen. My first analysis shows that many thin sites, sites with thin links and especially untrusted links face the problem. In addition, some small business sites were hit because they haven’t taken SEO serious enough. Google itself confirmed that the impact wouldn’t be as high as many thought – maybe this is just the calm before the storm and the big update is really coming in the future. We will see. I will continue to keep you updated with our results.

Here’s the link to the post:

There should be a lot more of these ‘winners and losers’ posts over the next week or so – so keep your eyes peeled as they usually contain some useful nuggets of information.

In other news…

Away from Penguin, this week has also had it’s fair share of general tips and advice. A couple of bits of news about Yahoo! caught my eye. Matt McGee at SearchEngineLand reported on Yahoo! testing a new, cleaner-looking search results page ( which followed an interesting opinion piece by Patricio Robles on Econsultancy about what Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr might mean for advertisers ( It would definitely seem that Yahoo! are determined to play a bigger role in the search/display arena – despite their search market share dropping recently (as reported by Jennifer Slegg on Search Engine Watch:

And finally…

Toni Anicic published a very good opinion-piece on the ever-reliable DejanSEO about the arguably needless ‘search engine friendly’ text on ecommerce site category pages:

If you have read any other useful SEO news, tips or opinions this week then please share them in the comments below.


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