This is NOT a guest post

This post was written by Luke Glassford.

It’s obvious, because the name ‘Luke Glassford’ appears in the author byline bit at the top of the post.

But maybe this post wasn’t written by Luke Glassford. Maybe it was written by someone else and was just published by Luke Glassford.

Maybe that ‘someone else’ is one of these evil black hat ‘guest posters’ that Matt Cutts has been telling off recently.

If that’s possible, then maybe Luke Glassford has been PAID SOME MONEY to publish this post on his blog – in return for a relevant link with slightly spammy anchor text.

Music blog.

Yes, exactly that kind of link! Maybe this is a guest post after all.

But then again, how can we know for sure? How can we be so sure that we’d actually penalise this site as well as the site that is linked to for paying for a guest post? This could simply be a natural post by the person who owns this domain.

Maybe all we can actually do is tell everyone we don’t like this ‘guest posting’ business anymore and hope that we scare enough people that they stop doing it.

The problem with using FUD as our only tactic, though, is that people start wising up and taking us less seriously with each statement we make…..


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