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This is NOT a guest post

This post was written by Luke Glassford.

It’s obvious, because the name ‘Luke Glassford’ appears in the author byline bit at the top of the post.

But maybe this post wasn’t written by Luke Glassford. Maybe it was written by someone else and was just published by Luke Glassford.

Maybe that ‘someone else’ is one of these evil black hat ‘guest posters’ that Matt Cutts has been telling off recently. (more…)


Google PageRank updated – does anyone actually care?

So, Google have finally rolled-out a toolbar PageRank update today – the first this year.

As well as it raising more questions about whether Matt Cutts can actually be trusted on anything (he said a few weeks ago that a 2013 PageRank update would be highly unlikely), today’s update also got me to thinking – does anyone really care about PageRank anymore?

Sure, I use it quite regularly as a quick metric when researching link prospects etc… but it’s certainly not the only metric I use and I don’t think my work in SEO would be in any way affected if PageRank didn’t exist. I definitely would never use it as a metric to track, base strategies around and obsess over – and I think the industry as a whole is coming round to that way of thinking. (more…)

You are what you read – the best SEO articles from the past week (1-7 June)

As we start to look towards a new week, here’s a quick roundup of all the best news and views from the past week in the SEO world….

What the…!?
The world suddenly, and frighteningly, became aware of PRISM this week. No need to go into too much detail as I’m sure everyone’s familiar with it by now, but here’s Google’s flat-out denial of any involvement in it:

Lots more Google-based news… (more…)

You are what you read – the best SEO articles from the past week (25-31 May)

I’m a bit late on this week’s round-up – sometimes work and life combine to the detriment of my blogging, unfortunately – but not to worry, as always last week saw plenty of great new developments and tips in the world of SEO. So let’s dive straight in… (more…)

You are what you read – the best SEO articles from the past week (3-10 May)

One of the main reasons I love being involved in SEO is that it’s an industry that is always moving. Stand still too long and at best you’ll find yourself irrelevant, at worst you’ll be penalised and traffic-less before you even know what’s happened!

Luckily, there’s never a shortage of useful articles and blog posts about the new developments on SEO – the only difficulty is being able to keep up with them all. (more…)