You are what you read – the best SEO articles from the past week (3-10 May)

One of the main reasons I love being involved in SEO is that it’s an industry that is always moving. Stand still too long and at best you’ll find yourself irrelevant, at worst you’ll be penalised and traffic-less before you even know what’s happened!

Luckily, there’s never a shortage of useful articles and blog posts about the new developments on SEO – the only difficulty is being able to keep up with them all.

Since Google announced the demise of Reader, Feedly has become my primary content discovery platform – I follow about 70 SEO and tech-related blogs at the minute – and I also use Pocket to save posts that I think are worth keeping for future reference (which is much better than filling my browser bookmark bar!)

Not everyone’s as hardcore as me when it comes to reading what’s going on in the world of search, though, so I thought I would start condensing the best bits of what I’ve read each week here on my blog.

Here’s the posts that I’ve found most useful/interesting this week:

SearchEngineLand had an interesting study on what SEO services clients actually want in 2013:

Eric Enge wrote a good piece on SearchEngineWatch about how SEO’s can modify their practices to become content marketers:

Another one from SearchEngineLand, this time from Barry Schwartz himself, who wrote about a case study that suggested Google might actually count links in press releases – despite Matt Cutts’ recent protestations to the contrary:

The Econsultancy blog is always a good source of detailed case studies and advice. Here’s a useful article containing tips for Ecommerce sites:

DejanSEO was one of the first to suggest there may have been a Google update this week:

And finally, the Anicca blog published some useful tips about the recent changes Google has made to Merchant Centre feeds:

What have you been reading this week?

Although I follow most of the ‘top’ SEO blogs, I know for a fact there’s a lot more interesting and useful articles out there that don’t show up on my radar, so if there’s anything you think is worth reading please share it in the comments below…


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