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This is NOT a guest post

This post was written by Luke Glassford.

It’s obvious, because the name ‘Luke Glassford’ appears in the author byline bit at the top of the post.

But maybe this post wasn’t written by Luke Glassford. Maybe it was written by someone else and was just published by Luke Glassford.

Maybe that ‘someone else’ is one of these evil black hat ‘guest posters’ that Matt Cutts has been telling off recently. (more…)


My first blog post: How far will Google’s next Penguin update go?

As is often the case, it took a conversation with someone not so ingrained in the world of SEO as me to help me properly make sense of Google’s ongoing link spam strategy . Usually, when I’m reading, thinking and talking about this kind of thing I get bogged down in too many details to really cut through the clutter – so it’s only when I have to explain it in very simple terms that I can get to the very core of the issue.

As Einstein (probably) said: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

So with those words ringing in my ears, I decided to try and shed some simple light on Google Penguin for this, the first post on my brand new blog. (more…)