Google is still a bit rubbish when it comes to EMDs

Far be it for me to bring attention to my own good luck in the Google News results, but I thought the below example was a good indicator that Google still adds weight to the keywords that appear in a domain name.

Here’s the screen shots:

Bring The Noize

Bring The Noise

Notice the difference? If I search for MIA’s new track with the correct spelling – ‘Bring The Noize’, my music blog doesn’t appear in Google’s News listings. If I spell it wrong – ‘Bring The Noise‘ – my site is the only listing in the News results. Why? My site is called All-Noise, and the only place it says ‘noise‘ on that page is in the URL!

This quirk has led to, at the last count, an uplift in organic traffic of 200% so far today – all because the mis-spelling of a song title corresponds with a word in my URL!

I’m not complaining, obviously, I’ll welcome all the extra traffic with open arms! But it is a bit disheartening when you spend all day focusing on ‘best practice’ to avoid penalties and to keep in line with Google’s ‘sophisticated’ algorithm, only to find that odd quirks like this contribute to your best traffic day in months!


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